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Re: YK2X and s-promo (going "Walker mode")

Hey Nadja,

I already expected Rick to chime in here, but him being already very 
submerged with his festival, I'm gonna try telling you what I believe he 

There is an option for you to meet people from this great community, 
even if you can't come to the festival: organize your own festival!

While Rick's festival is without any doubt the biggest of its kind (and 
the longest-running as well), there have been many other looping 
festivals in Germany or bordering countries:
I remember in 2008 there was both Leander's "2nd Berlin Looping 
Festival" and Michael Peters' festival in Cologne - both framed by 
smaller events in München and Konstanz, respectively: 
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it to the Cologne event myself, but 
the Berlin festival saw (next to numerous performers from the area) 
participation by the Walker Brothers, Per Boysen (+ a duo partner), 
Stefan Tiedje (thanks again, Stefan!), Bernhard Wagner etc. etc.

There's Sjaak's annual fest in Antwerp (although much more of a 
selective/elitist matter), and there have been numerous other events 
over the years (including Zürich, several places in Italy etc.).

So, what I'm getting at: Why don't you have a festival in Braunschweig? 
I'm sure many of the festival veterans such as Michael, Rick etc. will 
be glad to offer you some advice!


ps: and if you do, don't forget to invite me ;-P
> hi everyone,
> I am getting more and more interested in looping. I wish soooo much I 
> could come to the festival and meet you all! Such a great and 
> supportive community.

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