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The loop effect I'm wanting today: A smart replace

Here is what I find myself wanting today. I don't think either the EDP or 
the Looperlative can be readily programmed to do just this. I think of 
this as being essentially smart replace.

Tap pedal and it goes into "replace" mode. The old loop plays through but 
does so at 0% feedback so that it won't repeat again.

One cycle later relative to the initial tap it switches automatically to 
100% overdub so that the new loop can end up seamless.

Tap the pedal again and it stops recording but stays at 100% feedback.

The tricky part relative to existing loopers is the automatic switch from 
0% feedback to full feedback at the one cycle mark. If one gave up on the 
ability to tap at arbitrary times, then it might be possible to achieve 
this with a quantized sequence of operations.

Does anyone know of something that will do this?