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Subject: The loop effect I'm wanting today: A smart replace

>>> Tap pedal and it goes into "replace" mode. The old loop plays  
>>> through but does so at 0% feedback so that it won't repeat again.

I'm not really sure I understand your question Mark but here goes,
use the replace + original  function to do this,  and make sure to  
make the second press occur at the original loop point,
  or better yet, use  quantize replace + original  set to a factor of  
1, double that command on a preset, in other words have a command  
that  uses quantize replace+ original twice, that way you only have to  
hit the preset switch one time and it will act like a sus command that  
opens and replaces content while you can still here the original loop  
until the cycle is completed and then the new loop takes over. I don't  
think you will even have to deal with changing the feedback, but you  
could always add feedback %100 to the preset you created for quantize  
replace. Bear in mind that replace functions don't change the initial  
feedback settings either in strait replace mode which is what I use  
allot or replace + original which I rarely use.  And try using more  
tracks, which is what the LP-1 was designed to do.