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I certainly understand the consternation about the "International" aspect 
(although some web sites point to what they call the "U.S. Division" of 

But I'm not comfortable with the phrasing,

"We do not believe they are running this contest to promote Looping and 
Music. Instead, we believe BOSS is sponsoring this only because they want 
sell you something."

The reason I can't cosign is that of course, any company that sponsors 
**anything** is doing it ultimately to make money. Their entire reason for 
existence is to generate profit.

Now when a company can sponsor an event (to increase their exposure and 
therefore their sales), and in the process promote a great event and 
individual artists, it's a win/win. I think that if they adhered to the 
"international" moniker and weren't playing games with semantics, then it 
would be perfectly appropriate for their motivation to be to increase 
own exposure.

I just think it's a little naive to expect Boss to sponsor something 
strictly to promote looping and music. When you see a corporation donating 
money to certain causes, they are not doing it because they're just a 
bunch of humanitarians, believe me. They are doing it to create an image. 
They exist for profit, and for nothing else. It's a great way to do 
business, though, because everybody benefits.

Just some thoughts from a normally very quiet member of the list.

Brian (Donning his flame retardent suit)