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mono-izing a signal


How do you guys go about mono-izing a signal to send to a looper? I basically have a stereo output from my effects, and they  are connected to mains on the mixer... now.. if I wanted to join them together (make a mono signal) to send into my EDP, how would you do it? Currently all my loopers are on the one and only send of the mixer, and are monoized there, but I want to use the send for somethng else, and connect the outs directly to the ins of the loopers. I dont EVER adjust the levels on the sends, I do that on the loopers themselves, so I want to make a "switch based BUSS" where my 2 stereo instruments can just be switched to loop or not, I need no individual switch PER looper, cos its the loopers isteslf that decides if its gonna loop something, I just need a switch that decides if the instrument goe to ALL the loopers or not, but then.. I dot hung up on this.. mono-izing a signal thang?? and suddenly lost it...


mark francombe
twitter @markfrancombe