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midi clock for edp

Ok guys and girls.


Sorry its been a while with my first post being a request rather for help then something more communicative, but I am in a real bind.


I have just built a second board of fun gadgets (microkorg, proteus, electribe , kaossilator pro etc) to use synced TO my echoplex.


After numerous plans and work arounds I have got  everything talking pretty nicely.


However I noticed that sometimes my drum machine now seems to start and stop of its own accord.


I have read up on this and can see from the manual there are certain contolers that can send start and stop messages etc…. now ot be honest I don’t want these, if I want to start the drum I am happy to tap play when I am ready and stop when I have moved the audio of the drum loop over to the edp…


So finally my question is… What  are these song position values sent as , are they notes, are the just on the channel the edp is set to send / receive on ? can I suppress them ?



Phill MyOneManBand