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Re: splitter box/patch bay thing

Try the switcheblade.

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On 2010-08-25, at 11:25, mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com> wrote:

A while back I posted that I was wondering how people split their signals to their loopers. Of course I have a more tricky scenario than most.

So I drew what I was looking for ... HERE>>>

Now at the top of the "box" you see the inputs, (I need 3 stereo and 2 mono inputs)
below them you see where they simply are connected straight out and go to my mixer inputs,
In between, I take a connection from both sides of the stereo and sum them together, this will result in 2 looper outputs, The stereo outputs should really be summed properly, but here I just conected them together, send them to both edp inputs (which is mono) and to ONE SIDE of my repeater(which is stereo) The OTHER side of the stereo inputs are connected to the OTHER side of the Repeater.

NOW... This means that if I NEED to loop in stereo I can use repeater (say for synthy washes and pads) but most guitar effects result in mono, so no need..

For a second, I thought... "but I can MAKE this on my patchbay" with alot of little cables.. but then wait.. I see the problem... by doing this I of course am accidentally connecting the input ONE to ALL the other outputs, and it will not come up alone on its dedicated mixer channel.. so... Im back to the same problem...

What box does this? I suppose i just need a new mixer?


mark francombe
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