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EDP and Proteus....help!!!

Ok hear is the new issue.......sorry!!!

I have a crazt midi routing, I admit that , but it needs to be like that for a reason, but here goes..

My EDP is sending midi clock over to a merge box where it gets merged with the microkorg input  for keys...then into the proteus as a sound generator

the proteus has a second input, on this one i am sending in note data from my kaossilator pro (very cool)...

the issue is this...... if I put the proteus into Omni mode (which would be preferable as I would like to aways have the presets being played byr the MKxl and the KoPro chage together) I can trigger off both devices, but I also hear the EDP "ticking" also (its set to channel 1A with the MK and KoPro both set to 4a and 4B respectivley ).........

I thought I would be able to route out this problem by turning channel 1As volume to 0....or routing the sound out ot one of the non used sub outs, then simply not plug that into anything...but i cant seem to  get it to work.

has anyone else had this?


Phill MyOneManBand