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Re: stompbox reverbs?

The ones I've tried are:

  TC Nova reverb: I bought one of these , the reverbs are nice and  
lush and you can have both a manual setting and a preset setting so  
with the push of a switch you could go from a mild spring simulation  
to sounding like you are yodeling from the top of the Fjord,  big and  
expansive, and one of the cleanest pedal verbs I've tried. more  
expensive than the others with the exception of the Tone Candy Spring  

Digitech hardwire reverb RV7:  another excellent one with a lexicon  
chip. Digitechs hardwire series are really good sounding, well built  
pedals. reasonably priced in the states

Line 6 verbzilla  also very good sounding,  with almost as much  
versatility as the Nova reverb and with a couple of specialty sounds  
not found on the others like the Octo setting and a ducking verb as  
well. with a very robust chassis, best pedal in a bar fight as i like  
to say, if you hit someone with it they would know it. affordable

  EH holy grail:  good sound for a one trick pony, one knob simple as  
the come and wont cause explosion sounds when you kick it.  the more  
expensive models have more features but take up more real estate.

Tone candy spring fever: another on trick pony with a twist, it has a  
variable boost so when you turn it on it can also give you as nice  
volume increase as well. A really good spring sim, and would be ideal  
for the surf guitarist looking to add more hair to solos. Expensive,  
but hand made of the best components. Slightly noisy at higher volumes.

Hermida Audio Reverb: from the guy who brought the world the Zendrive,  
my favorite overdrive, this one knob pedal sounds very good and is  
only $99 direct.

Since i really like big ECM style reverb the TC Digitech or the  
verbzilla, have the most appeal for me because each  has more  
adjustable parameters and a wider range of reverb sims, but if all you  
need is a good spring sound then any of the others would be great with  
the EH  holy grail, the Hermida Reverb, and the Tone Candy Spring  
Fever all doing an excellent job mimicing springs.