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Re: stompbox reverbs?

At 12:03 PM +0200 8/31/10, mark francombe wrote:
>Wow.. now THAT  Verbzilla looks like the one for me!!!
>Cant find a proce right now.. have to see, 
>everything is at least 100 dollars more 
>expensive here in Norway.. so I might have to 
>order on the net (when I still get hit for 
>importatin charges, but is cheaper)

Two quick things:

I've had a Verbzilla for a couple of years now, 
and never quite gelled with it.  The main reason 
being that I can always hear some sort of 
annoying digital quality to the effect.  It just 
sounds crispy to me for some reason, and I'm 
normally pretty forgiving when it comes to 
digital dirt.  Also, I've noticed some tone suck, 
especially when the trails setting is turned on. 
Obviously though, YMMV.

Second, I've also got a Behringer RV600, which is 
a dead-spot-on clone of the Verbzilla.  It 
probably costs about 1/3 of the Verbzilla price, 
and I'm sure you can find Behringer all over 
Norway.  And while I haven't done a side-by-side 
comparison (my Verbzilla is back in storage in 
the US, while the RV600 is here in Japan) other 
people have.  And judging from my memory, I'll 
vouch that the Behringer is a 99% faithful 
replica of the Line 6 box.

If you're in doubt at all (or just looking for a 
great bargain at ~35) get the Behringer, check 
it out, then spring for the regular pedal if you 
like it.

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