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Re: Dancing in the Little Giant on FCB graveyard :-)

If anyone wondered what this post was about, it is about MIDI Control
Pedalboard Psychosis.

Which I am currently in... grrrr!! 

Tell me please the secret of having your laptop set-up KNOW your setting the next time you try and have a go...
EVERY time I try to have a go at preparing a laptop set-up, I spend a WHOLE evening, trying all sortys of different settings...

This time the sound card (Ozone Keyboard) worked np.. but did f***ing Live/Mobius (Who knows which???)  find the FCB 1010 thru the midisport 2x2.. 

er no...

Im gonna have to UN-plug the 1010, and plug it back into the EDPs so I can just wind-down... talk about Burning the Behringer, Im gonna "light the Laptop"..



Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
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