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Re: portable audio recorders

I appreciate all the replies. I think I need something with more control 
over input levels, I have never had good luck with auto level and preset 
schemes. I am glad I asked, I will keep my eyes open. Prices are still 
pretty high. Maybe my old Sharp 702 MD will go a bit longer. It is one 
I have bought that I truly have gotten my moneys worth from.



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>I record my progressive/post-rock/post-metal band with and H2 and we are
> anything but quiet... Ampeg SVT with 1x15 and 2x10 cabs, Marshall 100 
> head and two 4x10 cabs and a ham fisted animal drummer that worships John
> Bonham. It works just fine. I keep it on the Low sensitivity setting and
> drop the input volume to 75 from the default of 100. I use none of the
> internal compression schemes... Occasionally a drum or cymbal spike will
> cause it to clip, but that is very rare.


> I love my H2.
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> I too have the H2. Rainer is spot on with this observations. In my 
> rock-band
> application, this is a problem:
> 2) the mic sensitivity switch has three positions. The lowest 
> is
> already too sensitive when trying to record an acoustic jazz trio.
> David.