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Re: POLYRHYTHMIC COUNTERPOINT was Re: Supporting the Y2K-X LOOP FESTwith a preview of my composition for the Looper's Delight Compilation Vol. IV

Thanx Rick,yes i saw Nich Barsch in Zürich man what an excellent band! they play every monday night is too bad i have to work,but  as soon as i had vacation i went to see him
ive been digging the kosikas that Bernhard gave me(but im a real beginner on them),they are great to learn polyrythms and his page is very informative though im still gathering infromation about this and keeping an eye on any links where i can not only read about it but actually see it and hear it.
Hopefully we can sit down together in october and you can give me a quick lesson as well!

On Sun, Sep 5, 2010 at 10:13 PM, Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:
 Luis wrote:
"excellent Fabio!! id like to learn more about polyritmic counterpoint,if u guys have any links to good sources id be very thankful!....."

For what it's worth,  Luis (and everyone on this list), this is my specific professional field of expertise.

  I am always available to this list to answer questions about this and any other aspect of rhythmic theory, time permitting.     Please ask.

Rick Walker

ps   I was just thinking that I should have put 'off topic' on this thread but I realize
that the cyclical superimposition of regular time signatures is about as strong
a looping concept as any.    Before I looped the first time in the early 80's, I was very
interested in Steve Reich, Harry Partch, Terry Riley and musics of Africa and Indonesia
which have their own different paradigms about juxtaposing repeating rhythms.  A
good horn, funk band in the 70's was all about repeating parts.   Now we just have machines to aid us in playing these kinds of musics,  although I should definitely name
check the amazing Nik Bartsch' Ronin on ECM records if you want to hear some truly beautiful and real time odd time superimposition.

pps   Thanks mucho, Fabio, for generously donating your sales to the festival.
We can use every single penny we get this year.