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R: Re: Steinberger? Opinions?

Well I've owned both a steinberger, and a spirit. The original steinberger 
(for my opinion) a great sound if you want/need to use it through 
but as far as "normal" guitar sounds I don't see too much difference with 
new Spirits (a bit more definition). If you need a really versatile guitar 
thing I suggest you is to find a Korean made Parker (since these seem to 
be in 
phase-out). I have one of the first P38 (single-single-hum) with the 
/Fishman tremolo and the quality and versatility is enormous, and they are 
simple to find.
I do prefer the steinberger neck shape, but the thin parker does a great 
too (almost an '60s fender stratocaster to old charvel difference between 
The graphite necks (American steinbergers and american Parkers) tend to 
give a 
bit more attack and definition on the notes, and this is good for tracking 
midi, but I've always used a midi pickup also on normal wooden guitars 
great results.



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>> Hi Folks,
>> Another query from here: I decided not to go with one of Brian 
>> May's great guitars as they don't sound like something you could 
>> play softly without heavy processing... and also because I'm 
>> interested in some MIDI on the next guitar.  And so, the 
>> Steinberger.  I understand the original ones had the graphite-wood 
>> construction and the recent Spirits are all Maple.  Beyond that I 
>> have yet to find too many London guitar shops to go try one out - 
>> but I'm curious as to your opinions regarding this axe.  MIDI use 
>> anyone?  Or am I wasting my efforts on the unit?
>> The opinions of this happy/scrappy group are as usual more than 
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