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Re: OT: portable audio recorders

Ok, for completeness, I did really try to find out what the level thing 
does (both for line-in and mic sources), using a proper test setup, and 
the level setting does effect things post-converter, thus rendering it 
practically useless.

andy butler schrieb:
> d.nix wrote:
>>> er, it's a total waste of time dropping the recording volume to 75.
>>> The distortion happens in the analog domain, and that vol
>>> control is digital.
>> All I know is that if I *dont* lower that setting it _digitally_ 
>> clips and
>> distorts, and if I do set it to 75 it does not distort. Therefore 
>> it's not a
>> waste of time, regardless...
>> :-)
> It's not impossible that your H2 behaves different to mine..
> ...but surely that's very unlikely.
> I'd not argue that your "75" recording was actually distorted ...but I 
> have to admit my first thought was that your band played a bit 
> quieter, or the H2 was in a different position.
> ;-)

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