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Re: Kim's memorial

Bill, thank you for sharing this.
Would you mind posting the link to Violet's download again? I seem to  
have missed it.
Thank you very much.
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On Sep 7, 2010, at 2:16 AM, Loopers-Delight-d-request@loopers-delight.com 

> Subject: Kim's memorial
> I have been so busy and so much in my own world lately that I forgot  
> to share my experience attending Kim's memorial, August 14th. Ted  
> killian, Rick and I attended the memorial at the Lawrence Hall of  
> Science high in the berkley hills.  We arrive painfully late due to  
> work commitments, but were able to meet and interact a bit with  
> members of his family and friends. It was completely fogged in with  
> a strong steady wind,  very eire when one ventured outside, as if  
> the spirits were hurtling past you.  It was good to connect however  
> briefly and share some experiences  with Kim's mom and dad, and  
> there was even some levity at the end with people playing with the  
> interactive exhibits, the highlight for me being a ride on the  
> roller coaster simulator. Later we repaired to a favorite bar of  
> Kim's and Violets to share a few beers and listen to the house band  
> play, and  cover  Wish You Were Here in Kim's honor.  There were no  
> dry eyes in the party. I hope everyone will buy a copy of Violet's  
> download if you haven't already, she is trying to keep this great  
> site going and needs our help.
> bill