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Re: Polymeter - Polyrhythm - Changing Meter

rick's approach is right, since it makes things easier to read by
putting strong beats at its place. making reading easier is the first
goal when choosing "the" correct meter. basically, you can't choose a
meter with ternary(?) subdivision of the beat, we call them
"compuesto", to substitute a binary subdivided one, called "simple".

2010/9/9 Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com>:
>  Mark Showalter wrote:
> "
> You can take a song like "Norweigin Wood" by the Beatles,
> &  write it in 3/4 or 6/8 or 12/8 or even 300/8"
> I see your point,  Mark, it's a really good one in most cases,
> but I don't agree completely in this particular case.
> Here's my understanding:
> I would contend that Norwegian Wood is a Waltz, and, as such
> it should be written in 3/4 (or 3/8, or for the sake of argument
> 3/64)..........the point being that the natural subdivision
> is in groups of three.
> My understanding of the distinction between 3/4 and 6/8
> is that 6/8 naturally subdivides into two groups of 3 but
> with the emphasis on the 6 notes figure.
> If "Norwegian Wood" had a backbeat on beat 4 of the 6/8,
> then I would agree with you and would NOT write it in 3/4
> which does not have a similar rhythmic feel.
> This is what distinguishes a lot of Doo Wop tunes from
> more traditional Waltzes:  the backbeat clearly delineates the
> midpoint in a 6 note figure.
> I would contend it is wrong to write it in 12/8 or 300/8
> or maybe wrong is the wrong word.............let's just
> say it is unnecessarily obfuscating to do so.
> Your mom can write a rhythm in 3 as a hemiola in 4 but
> that is NOT how it is felt by the listener so I would say
> she is just goofing and trying to be a bit of a whimsical
> devils' advocate by doing so.
> But, seriously,  I want to be respectful in my disagreement.
> It's tiny compared to the agreement I feel in most situations
> with what you write.

I bé, després estava aquella dona que sense saber que estava
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