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Re: Polymeter - Polyrhythm - Changing Meter

2010/9/9 Mark Showalter <folkstone57@operamail.com>:

>You can choose a ternary subdivision, they are called triplets, just as 
>in 3/4 you can have a >duplet. No clue again what the opint is here.

i'm agree. all is possible but some are better fitted if a human mind
will be reading. a computer won't ask you why did you choose the wrong
one ("wrong", as it's taught in theory books, although i'd leave it in
"less convenient"). why to choose a 2-beats meter if it's going to
wrap a waltz?

I bé, després estava aquella dona que sense saber que estava
il.luminada, exclamava: "O siga, que he pagat per aquesta merda de
màquina i resulta que ni tan sols em diu si sóc un Buda o no, òsties!,
no podien posar-li una agulla , o que pitara, o alguna cosa així? "

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