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"dange strays" by michael peters (where i've listened that name?:) is
a great piece with cool use of different odd meters. any online
samples of the trio version, mich?

2010/9/10 William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com>:
> two songs that got radio play with odd meters back in the day though not
> major hits :
>  The Wait and Tattooed Love Boys by the Pretenders
>  The Wait verse  cycles measures of 4334,  and Tattooed Love Boys goes 
> in the verse.
> Bill

I bé, després estava aquella dona que sense saber que estava
il.luminada, exclamava: "O siga, que he pagat per aquesta merda de
màquina i resulta que ni tan sols em diu si sóc un Buda o no, òsties!,
no podien posar-li una agulla , o que pitara, o alguna cosa així? "

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