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Mobius in a rack unit

This looks like a possible candidate for Mobius-in-a-rack:

This thing is centered around your choice of a Xilinx Spartan, Altera 
Cyclone or Lattice ECP.
The power range is here in the 1400K system gate area. Comes with all 
kinds of interfaces (including USB, Ethernet, line and SPDIF audio I/O, 
MIDI (!), SVGA, onboard TFT and LEDs, and loads of static RAM (1GB - 
cool for loops!). And with a time-limited license of Altium's "Designer" 

Seems to fit well into a half-rackspace (or full 1HU rackspace if you 
choose to do so).

Price is 295...sooo, anyone interested in doing a Mobius port onto this 
one? Jeff? ;)


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