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Hi all,

Don't despair, I am not depressed and giving up music or looping (at  
least not yet anyway) though it might seem like it when looking at the  
following list.

But I am thinking about selling off any or all of the following gear  
on Ebay in the coming weeks and/or months to finance my final  
migration to software processing and some other significant music tech  
changes I want to make in the very near future.

I have not even figured out what I want (or need) to charge for most  
of these items yet.

Selling off a lot of these things will be like selling off or saying  
goodbye to old friends.

So, if your interested, contact me off-list at  
<tedkillian@charter.net> or call 541-890-6225

✔     2 beige-faced Oberheim EDPs in great working order (currently  
with Loop 3 software but I have the chips for Loop 4).

✔     2 EFC-7 foot controllers for the above EDPs (these have the  
newer black paint job however).

✔     2 Alesis Akiras (think rack-mount Alesis Ineko on steroids with  

✔     A Line 6 M13 with 2 expression pedals

✔     A Sustainiac Model C acoustic sustainer

✔     A Boss DD-20 (most underrated looping box on the market)

✔     A Boss WP-20G (a Boss/Roland COSM processor for 13-pin GK  
equipped guitars with a few good tones and sounds ,mostly I use it for  
a hexaphonic "slow gear" effect)

✔     A Devi Ever Dream Mangler (look it up, amazing distortion pedal)

✔     3 Casio DH100 MIDI digital horns (2 working fine and one not at  
all, could be for "parts" use)

✔     A Lexicon Vortex

✔     2 Ebows (one grey one black)

✔     A Boss SP303 Groove Sampler and sound library

✔     A GK-2 Roland hex pickup

✔     A GK-3 Roland hex pickup

✔     3 P-90 pickups (neck, middle and bridge set)

✔     A Furman rack power supply

✔     One Odyssey 5-space rack bag (deep)

✔     One Odyssey 2-space rack bag (shallow)

✔     A tobacco sunburst Jay Turser JT-RES acoustic-electric thin- 
body resonator guitar (great for slide guitar) - with padded gig bag

✔     A figured Maple top blonde JTLT DELUXE Tele Copy Electric  
Guitar with gold hardware (among the nicest Teles I have EVER played)  
- with padded gig bag

✔     A tobacco sunburst Jay Turser JTSFM Surmaster guitar (think  
bastard guitar child of a Fender Jazzmaster and a Jaguar) with 3  
unique Seymour Duncan custom shop humbucker pickups housed in P-90  
sized housings, voices as JB (bridge) '59 (middle) and Jazz (neck)  
with coil switching on all 3 - with padded gig bag

✔     A sunburst Jay Turser Jazz bass - with padded gig bag

✔     A Tech 21 Sans Amp GT2 amp simulating stompbox.

✔     A LP mini conga

✔     An authentic Amazonian Berimbau and 2-3 caxixi.

✔     A raku ceramic Udu drum

✔     A hand-painted bamboo Digeridoo

✔     2 peruvian terra cotta ocarinas (of non-western pitch/tuning)

✔     A short (18") mini "rainstick"

This is not a "fire sale." I am not desperately getting out of music.  
I am just getting too old to own and shuffle so many physical object  
around anymore.

I'd rather have good samples and manipulate the heck out of those in  
bizarre and creative ways.

Those of you who know me will notice that my trusty '77 Gibson RD  
Artist is not on this list. Someday I will be buried with that guitar  
(just joking).

But I don't plan on parting with it in the foreseeable future.

I am also keeping my VG99, GR1, FC300 Lexicon LXP1, LXP5, Vortex, and  
my '85 Sustainiac Model B, a half dozen EV-5 pedals, 2 Ernie Ball  
volume pedals, 2 Mackie SRM150s and 2 SRM450s, and MacBook Pro, etc.,  

I repeat, if you have any questions about this stuff, contact me off- 
list at <tedkillian@charter.net> or call 541-890-6225.

If you are not interested, pass it along.


Best regards,

tEd ® KiLLiAn


Ted Killian's "Flux Aeterna" is also available at Apple iTunes