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Re: OT The Sub Pulse was West African/African Diaspora rhythms: 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, 12/8

hey let's hear it.I am curious to learn. So is Mark he just has that 
humor about him.

Antony Hequet

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Subject: OT The Sub Pulse     was West African/African Diaspora rhythms: 
4/4, 6/8, 12/8

dear Mark Showalter,  you wrote:
> ".......explain to a court what a "sub-pulse" is........
> Good luck on that one because as a composer/arranger with 8 years as a
> theory/composition in 2 colleges, I'm still not clear on what the hell a
> sub-pulse is even though several drummers/percussionists that I
> have worked with
> in the past have explained it to me over the years.
and then go on to say:

"BTW, please do NOT try to explain what a sub-pulse is as I have  the 
feeling it
would start a cascade of email arguments that would shut downthe world 


I really don't want to get you wrong (and please correct me if I'm 
but what I am
understanding about your stance here is that you seem to be dismissively 
that you don't understand a musical level of sophistication that is 
tens of thousands of groove musicians around the planet (whether they use 
'sub pulse' or not) and that you profess to have no desire to educate 
grow further as a musician, merely because it is a concept that was not 
your entirely Euro-centric (albeit rigorous and valuable) education about 
musical styles.

I certainly have respect for the 8 years you spent studying Harmony and 
in a rigorous academic environment.

I just find it curious that you don't seem to have the same respect for my
(or any other drummer/percussionist/arrangers) knowledge
which has been accrued from 40 years of playing in popular styled bands as 
band leader,
arranger, composer, producer and instrumentalist(33 of them as a 

I'm positive I could learn a thing or two from you about the things you 
have so
deeply studied and am eager to do so if the chance presents itself.

I wonder why you don't appear open to knowledge  that I (or some other
drummer) could teach you about the world of rhythm, conversely.

The concept of a sub pulse is a very simple one and can be demonstrated 
easily with a few
choice examples.   This concept absolutely defines the way human beings 
syncopation on a neurophysiological level and is easily demonstrable with 

I'd be happy to share it with you unless you feel your mind is closed.