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Re: Mobius in a rack unit

sorry forgot to put the website..... 

At 08:15 PM 9/12/2010, you wrote:
>I also built a rackmount computer about 4 years ago. At the time I 
>found an old 1U case that was about 11 in deep and put together a 
>computer with an mini intel board (DQ45EK) and a 3 ghz cpu, and 4 
>gig ram. at the time the largest hard drive was 500 gig but that has 
>proved to be plenty since I'm only using it for live performance. At 
>home I hook up a large monitor for programing but when I perform I 
>just use one of those little touch screens which is adequate to see 
>what's going on in mobius. I'm also using mobius inside of bidule.
>I'll have to look for one of those slide out monitors though that 
>would be really slick and be much more convienient than pulling out 
>all these small pieces and putting them together.
>check out this web site, they have a 1U barebones computer for under 
>$600.00 if you add in the intel board, 4 gig ram and 500 gig hard 
>drive. A CPU would add another $200.00 and you have one hell of a 
>rackmount solution.
>Paul Haslem
>Ontario, Canada