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Re: MIDI sync with Time Signature Retention

I'm far from an expert, but I dont believe there is any way to indicate 
signature in midi or any other system... you can send and recieve sync
pulses that might represent some lowest common denominator concerning bmp 
some such, but...

Maybe if you can explain why you believe you need to communicate time
signature someone can give you a better idea of whats possible and how 
deal with similar issues...

> So I am thinking of getting a real-deal audio looper. It will need to
> to to the Akai, and it will need to be a piece of hardware. Thing is, it
> will not only need to slave tempo, but will need to slave time signature
> well. I'm not opposed to having to load a patch that has this data in it,
> need be. But it definitely needs to respond to play/stop commands and 
> in sync with the MPC.