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Dissing the Repeater's Varispeed function

  This exchange occurred:

"Caveat no.3       Isn't the favoured repeater trick the one where the 
pitch and tempo change
together, aka varispeed? There's no mention of that."

reply:     "Thats  a crap repeater gimmick yes... who uses that more 
than once?"

Errrrrr, me!!!!!!     I love that the Repeater can make a found musical 
object become
a three octave ranged chromatic instrument.  It's allowed me to make 
music that
no other technology that has existed has allowed me to do in real time.

I can gong a brass candy dish with my thumb and rhythmically comb filter 
the frequencies
with my mouth...............capture that as a loop and then play it, 
harmonically,  with the
wind, drum or keyboards midi controller.

To me,  it was the one huge redeeming facet of the Repeater.

Unfortunately, mine is ill and I haven't gotten it looked at because 
I've been so ensconced
in the world of the Looperlative , the M9 and the Walker Manual Glitch 

I am meaning to get mine fixed this year.   I just wish the damned thing 
didn't hog two rack spaces.

I love the Electrix Repeater!

You can give me yours, when you get the Elektron OctaTrack, 

rick walker