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Was: Dissing the Repeater's Varispeed Now: Fuzzy repeater Memorys.

 I was  using a lexicon Jamman I bought in 1994 ( I believe, I did say the word fuzzy)fulfilling until my bother bought me a Repeater the year they came out. Rick had received a very generous gift from a long time friend and passed along his good fortune to me with the Repeater, one of the most unique experiences I had using it was the time I did a gig with Rick at 21 Grand in Oakland. I didn't play a looping set in the traditional sense with Rick, rather I re-triggered and re contextualized the loops he was creating with his RPTR  by manipulating them with  my  GK equipped baritone strat , Gr30 and my floor controller, time stretching them, pitch shifting them and even playing them like melodies. Though not the most artistically fulfilling experience for me  personally (what can I say, i like to play), it was never the less really fun, and opens up some really interesting possibilities of interaction , a great example being how Andrew and Michael from Darkroom interact where one guy does the playing and the other does the looping and sample manipulation.