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Re: OT: midi mergers

hi james. got your email, but i thought i'd answer here. i had problems with my eventide, as you know and at the time i was merging midi clock with pc data using a simple kenton passive merge box. the clock data was being interrupted by the pc messages and messing with the timing, so i ended up spending 70 quid on a Kenton active merge box, thinking this would solve the problem. it didn't. i spoke to one of the techs at Kenton (nice chap), who said the box was working normally (i sent him some data) and that the way the pc data was being interleaved with the clock data was causing the problem. he offered to write me some new firmware for it, to change the way this worked, but i never heard from him again. i don't merge data in this way now, so it's no longer a problem for me.


On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 5:21 AM, james fowler <twostroke@gmail.com> wrote:
The key word here is *linear*. If sending a lot more data as MIDI than
the receiving device is listening for there is not going to be a
steady flow of accurate data coming through. Everything simply can't
be sent at the same time and the data intended for a certain receiving
device may have its packages interrupted by other, irrelevant, data.
If the receiving device needs to get information in a certain order to
react correctly there might be issues

i recall reading somewhere that midi clock data needs to be given precedence or something of that sort, so i feel you on this.  it's only gonna get stickier as i attempt to use everything to control everything.  so...i bought an express xt.  problem solved.

thanks for all the input.

- jim