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OT Le Sacre Du Printemp's violent debut

  Rainer said that Stravinsky punched Debussy during
the debut of 'Le Sacre Du Printemp' in Paris.

I had always understood that both Ravel and Debussy were enthralled with 
the piece
and have never heard that Stravinsky punched Debussy.

I just found this description of those events on Classical.Net
in an article called "Stravinsky's Le Sacre  at 90:
"Le Sacre's première took place at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées on May 
29, 1913. It is arguably the most famous debacle in western artistic 
history. Audience members found the quiet, yet active, introduction 
ridiculous. When the curtain rose and Nijinsky's dances began, the 
auditorium went into a rage, their sophistication insulted. *Ravel and 
Debussy were both present and captivated by the music, but it was soon 
drowned out in the fracas. Debris was thrown, as well as punches. *The 
work was performed in full, but only with the help of Nijinsky calling 
steps from atop an offstage chair. /

/Stravinsky had a breakdown after the première and spent weeks at a 
sanatorium in Neuilly to recover from typhoid fever........"

I'm just wondering where you read about Stravinsky punching Debussy, 

Curious,  not contentious in that query, my friend.
You have a vast knowledge of classical music that I respect.

yours,   Rick Walker