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Re: German audiences (WAS site specific looping)

You guys make me wish i could play over there more than ever......the places i play here in the mid west US......no applause or may be just a bit....followed by " do Ya know any Skynard ? "

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From: Christo Jota <chris@christojota.de>
Subject: Re: German audiences (WAS site specific looping)
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Date: Wednesday, September 22, 2010, 7:26 AM

US- and British musicians often like to play in Germany. They told me, in the US f.ex. people are drinking and talking
while they perform. This is different here. In most clubs, except maybe pubs, the people listen to
the music respectfully. Then they react depending on the "value" of the performance.
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Subject: German audiences (WAS site specific looping)

One slightly controversial comment I have after watching these clips of Nadia again, that brings back the fear into me.. is... (donning fire retardant spider-man costume) What is with these German audiances? Nadia has almost packed up and gone home and put her feet up in front of the fire with a good book, before they start to react? Are they crazy, or maybe stunned?

(Actually THIS is the controversial comment) When I used to play in germany, We often got this reaction, absolute silence during songs, minimal applause inbetween.. till the end, then.. after we had left the stage and thinking "God, they hated us", they would go CRAZY demanding 3 or 4 encores.. What is that...?
It would put me in a bad mood during the show and had NO idea that they were enjoying it?

Is this normal, directed at the german LDer,s Rainer etc?

I think manly it because germans really listen, and listen hard (I think Stockhausen said this at a lecture I attended - is he German? I think so.. that the rest of Europe has to learn to listen!!!) and as such, maybe they are more absorbed, and it takes some time to snap out of it?

If thats it, then its a compliment I guess.. still very off-putting. (and before anyone jumps at me for being generalistic, or god forbid, rascist.. Im just reporting what I promise was the case for me... never saw it anywhere else - except perhaps one strange gig in Scotland, on April fools day, when the audience played a trick on us by NEVER applauding once.. ha ha! very fucking funny...


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