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Re: German audiences (WAS site specific looping)

interesting topic gang!
I can share only my experience here in Southern Germany iafter living in the U.S.,now im comparing a beautiful part of germany which is quite touristy and people for the most part have a higher standard of living than the rest of the country (that is Baden Württenberg and Bayern)
i find audiences very appreciative of what you do and very loyal,that goes to people you work for,if they like you they will always hire you.The treatment towards artists and musicians is wonderful,you always get a table reserved and you food and drink in unlimited and there isnt any restrictions that say"for musicians only" in the menus;-)
For me Germany is a great consumer of music and art and is a great place to live if u happen to be a musician or an artist.Though not neccesarily with the best or most creative music scene currently.
On the other hand clapping and cheering until you are done playing is perhaps also cultural and has to do with the way people in such countries are brought up.So it might not neccesarily have to do with listening.I think it might have a lot of times to do more with politness,as my Japanese sister in law has told me;-)
In switzerland for example sometimes they wont even clap or cheer too much if they dont feel like it,but it does not mean they dont like it or enjoyed it.Ive been in such situations and thought that i had done crap and then they came and said how much they enjoyed it and how good the show was;-)
Also in a lot of such developed countries "loudness and noise" is a big deal.dont know why but It might have to do with demographics..asia and europe and their developed countires are the two regions facing severe population aging.There are so many rules and restrictions and intolerance towards loudness and noise especially for the younger that i think it has an effect on how people behave.
In fact i was just watching yesterday a documentary about a German girl whos moved permanently in Buenos Aires Argentina,one of the toughest to live but most creative artistically cities today,where lots of artists from other countries are lately going for inspiration.
When asked why she moved there from Berlin she said "with all the dirt,toughness,loudness and noise is the power and energy not only within musicians and artists but from the audiences that ive become drawn to and addicted to".Ive always been atracted and found the music where conditions are tougher very creative.
(Nevertheless im very happy to be here;-)
And i also agree Belgium has an awesome audience!!

On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 4:11 PM, Kris Hartung <krispenhartung@gmail.com> wrote:
That's it...I'm moving to Europe!  And I'm going to live right next to where they brew Rochefort in Belgium.  :)