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Boomerang III New Software is released!

I just came home to an email from Mike N. with the Boomerang v.2 softwre 
attached. He included the new manual in Word format, too.

V.2 allows free, non-synched simultaneous loops, among other nice goodies.

You have to play a midi file into it in order to update it (there are no 
midi events... just sysex data). 30 seconds later, voila! A brand-new 

I tried to program it with Sonar 8.5 Producer through my midi ports on my 
Audigy ZS Platinum (I know...), and no joy no matter how I configured 

Then I downloaded "Sweet Midi Player 32" (recommended by Mike), installed 
it, opened up the file, played it, and as I said, 30 seconds later she was 
programmed with v.2.

I played around with the free, non-synched capabilites very briefly and 
seemed well.