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R: Re: site specific looping

Hi Nadia, site specific works and looping is one of my favorite act.
I've done many performance here in Italy in the past especially in Spoleto 
We have done 2 performances during 8 hours and one during 12 hours
one in a big old church (no more used as a church) and one in a holy wood, 
the particular sounds of the sites (the church had a fantastic reverb of 8 
Your works are very interesting but here in italy is always more 
difficoult to 
do things like this...
No one is interested... So keep on and good luck! 

Max Liver 

>> dear loopers,
>> lately i have been performing more and more in interesting locations  
>> and I find this is getting to be a real essential part of my work.  
>> just wanted to know if others are also working with site specific  
>> performance work.
>> here some examples ( 2nd, 3rd and 4th Performance are all utilizing  
>> looping technique):
>> http://www.nirmala07.net/index.php?
>> direct links to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkRv3qgd8lM
>> another looping perf done in a gallery ( less site specific): 
>> would love to hear comments about working in this way... for example  
>> i love old staircases or torn down buildings...
>> ciao
>> Nadia
>> -- 
>> http://www.nirmala07.net