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RE: Rackless (and not going the computer route)

> > Mark Hamburg wrote:
> > 
> >> I need a small mixer that would fit on my pedalboard. It doesn't need to be sophisticated. It just needs to support mixing a couple of stereo inputs to a stereo output. Does anyone have any suggestions?

 though not exactly a mixer, http://www.lehle.com/frameset.php?country=us&lang=en,  this is a true stereo dual effects looper with a highly quality buffer amp, that can be used as one.  I still have one and I can't believe no one on the list bought it  the last time I posted it a few months back. Its a first generation none midi, D-Loop and of the highest quality. I currently have it on loan to someone local who is using it as a mixer putting one instrument in to the main input, and an instrument  each into both returns of the loops and then out via the stereo main output. if you want to have complete isolation between the inputs you would have to use a simple 1/4 trs dummy plug inserted in to each loop's send, but in your case thats not an issue i don't think .  I keep thinking I might use it again but I'm trying to pair back a bit and jettison gear that gets neglected. Contact me off list if interested.