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Re: windows 7 for Mac

hey thanks,

just noticed that looper messages where going to the spam box. How is it 
with prarlells?

Antony Hequet

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I use parallels on my macbook pro.  and have a windows xp sp3 load and 
also a 

linux load.  It works great.  XP pro seems to be a very stable and 

system.  I think the reason to go with XP more over Windows 7, is that you 
have an 

old machine laying around (or a friends) that isn't being used any more.  
can snag the 

license key off the case and use that on the mac instead of buying a new 
OS like 


On 22 Sep 2010 at 23:01, antonyhequet@yahoo.com wrote:

>     hello, back on the block for some more tech nerd stuff.
>     I need to reinstall windows on an iMac to run editor for Gordius BLG 
>     and other editor programs.
>     I plan to run Bootcamp and windows 7. Is this a wise choice: any 
>     reason I should stick to XP? 
>     Another side question: any reason I should prefer paralells to 
>     bootcamp?
>     Again, I will be running editors not real time audio...
>     Antony Hequet