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questions for FCB1010 with UnO chip users at the Santa Cruz Loop festival

Hello fellows,
im still trying to solve the problem of taking my bulky FCB1010 to S.C im overloaded with other things to take and want to reduce weight as much as possible.
If anyody is performing at the festival with an FCB1010 with the UnO chip installed and is willing to rent it out to me for a half an hour it would be very kind of you
but please let me know as soon as possible,that im already fyling from Germany to California next thursday
Im scheduled to play saturday at 18.30,but will be cruising to Santa Cruz to check out the show on friday.So if i could borrow it then or early on saturday that would give me enough time to program it for the show.
I would then just take my FCB1010 sysex file and istall it with my laptop,then i can install yours back and give it back to you the way it was.
The Walker bros have always been very kind and let me use their gear in past festivals 
but they been smart enough to get rid of those evil monster FCBs;-)
Hopefully this will be the last time i have to deal with this since ive ordered the new SoftStep midi foot controller!
Thanx a lot and i appreciate your help dearly