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Y2k hits collection


I woke up this morning thinking:

although I hate musical competition, it might be interesting to balance the loopers contest a little.
many of us feel strange that art is categorized by the brand of equipment used, even more so, because the smartest looping artists usually do not use the Boss tools.
all the Boss contest contributions come up on youtube now and I have to gather them at youtube.com/livelooping in order to not behave as ignoring as Boss does, so I could open a playlist with contests and include the Boss and Y2K ones, or two separate playlists - we can discuss this here or on youtube or on Facebook...

I think we should keep it simple and friendly (rather not call it contest?):
each y2k player could point at one of his pieces which he thinks would have the most public success and a reasonable length (the HIT) and we would record those and show them either at the y2k site or on youtube.com/livelooping or both
and then have people vote on them or so and maybe rather select the 10 best instead of the 1 best...

I think its natural that some musicians to it "better" than others. there is no measure for that except for "taste" which is different for each listener, so I do not think we have to define any criteria or discuss about "what is quality" (if you are interested in this question, I recommend the book "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintainance" by http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_M._Pirsig ) - but we can, its also interesting...

this may bring some new awareness to the festival itself
and spread better to the world what happens there
and the result may be more interesting than what Boss collected, at least more open... :-)

what do you think?