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assigning all RME audio inputs to Mobius port when using it as astand alone

Hi Gang,
after messing around with my RME trying to assign all inputs to a single port so that you can use all channels of the soundcard and loop them in any track in mobius to avoid using a mixer Jeff finally helped me out to configure it and i thought i share it with all of you RME users.There were many suggestions of using other software like bidule but ive always used mobius as a stand alone and wanted to keep it that way.
on the manual its on page 78, RME calls this "loopback mode". 
for example lets say you want to use the 2 front mic inputs and the other 2 instrument inputs of your RME FW400
first you would just route inputs 1&2 and 2&3 to output 1&2 down below on the correspondent track strip.
Then you would control-click the third row (AN1,AN2) track strips to turn them orange.
    Mobius port 1 should then receive the combination of the four RME inputs instead of just 1&2. 
At first i had the problem of everything including the loop playback getting recorded into an empty track so be sure that in the total mix window the input rows have to be up,the playback row all the way down,and the output row all the way up.
RME is brilliant but i find the total mix and matrix quite confusing soemtimes, perhaps because of the way they are labeled.
Hope i can save you some headaches;-)
thanx a million Jeff !

From: Louie Angulo [louie.angulo@googlemail.com]
Sent: Friday, October 01, 2010 5:55 PM
To: Jeff Larson

Subject: help assigning RME audio outputs to Mobius ports

Hi Jeff,
for the life of me ive tried everything and just dont seem to be able to route all inputs to a single stereo output so that mobius recognises it.Im trying to route all 4 inputs on the front panel of my RME400 to outputs 1+2,but i only get signal from inputs 1+2
I know that i could assign inputs 3+4 under track setup in mobius,but i dont like this because i want to be able to freely loop everything in any track i want.
If you would be so kind to look at the manual and confirm to me if i should stop trying using mobius as a stand alone and use it only as a plugin i would appreciate it.I thinkit would be on pg. 65
This is one of the reasons i bought this soundcard,it said everywhere that all outputs and inputs could be routed as desired without using any x tra software but i see that perhaps this is not the case.
Or is the isse more with mobius?

On Tue, Sep 28, 2010 at 7:34 PM, Jeff Larson <jeff.larson@sailpoint.com> wrote:

I'm not familiar with the RME but it looks a lot like the MOTU Ultralite.

The Ultralite has a built-in mixer that you can control from the front

panel as well as a software virtual mixer.  Using this mixer you can route

any inputs to any outputs, RME probably has the same thing.


If you can't do this in the hardware, then you'll have to mix them

in software.  This will require running Mobius as a VST plugin,

then mixing in the host.  For Bidule you would just connect

input pins 1 and 3 from the RME to Mobius pin 1 and RME pins

2 and 4 to Moibus pin 2.   





From: Louie Angulo [mailto:louie.angulo@googlemail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 10:24 AM
To: Loopers Delight
Subject: help assigning RME audio outputs to Mobius ports


Hi folks,
I recently bought the RME FW400 and im having problems assigning ports.
I have on my RME mics plugged into channels 1,2 and stereo guitar signal into 3,4,
i only hear the output of the mics but not the guitars.
In mobius i would like to have them all assigned to ports 1,2 to be able to record in any track i want
is this possible or how do you guys do this?