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OT: looking for European couches to surf in November-Dec

Hi to all, and especially European colleagues,

I know that many of you are dreaming of Santa Cruz in October right now, but I'd like to distract you for one moment, if I might.

My circumstances have suddenly changed in a way that leaves me with a rare opportunity to travel on my own for a while (this is kind of a "if you're handed a bunch of lemons, make lemonade" situation for me). I have never seen much of Europe, and would love to meet some of you, play with you and see your towns. I expect to be ready to travel around the beginning of November and have not yet decided how long I will be "on the road."

If you would be amenable to having me stay with you for a few days, please contact me off-list and let me know. Also, if you'd just like to get together if I pass your way, but can't host, I'd still like to hear from you.