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Re: Fighting the temptation to noodle

Some other things to try might be making the first loop fairly sparse and 
then copy it a time or two to other slots. Then seque to those from time 
to time and add different things to each of the copies (and even the 
original). Soon you have 2-3 loops with the same basic theme but with 
different things going on and you can switch from one to another to add 
variety. This can be especially powerful if you can play multiple loops 
simultaneously. Also you can add something new and then use UNDO to remove 
it. And using feedback to let loops gradually morph to something new can 
be interesting too. This works best for me if I have a "theme" loop which 
plays all the time and other loops that can evolve/devolve along with it.


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>Okay. Pedal control over overdub/feedback is now deemed more valuable 
>than control over the loop volume. Still leading me down heavily ambient 
>paths (pretty much where I've often headed anyway), but at least there is 
>evolution now.