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re: Selling the hardware

Hey Kevin (and all, of course),

as Ted already said, there is some intersection with what I have (or
had), so I'd like to comment on some of your gear as an info for
potenti buyers:
> Boss VF-1 $200  Great red half rack of fine Boss effects.  Sort of
> like the son of the GP 100 and the GT series I think.

According to Boss' product strategy, the VF1 was the followup on the
SE-50/SE-70 line, however it shares with the GT series their COSM
If there is a downside, then it's that the VF1 (like the SE series)
only allows you to choose your combination of algorithms and routings
according to some preset structures. Apart from that, really nifty
multi-tap delays and whatnot. It also has an acceptable guitar in and
S/PDIF outputs, so can also be used as a frontend plus processing.

> Elextrix Repeater (with 2 256 MG cards)  $600
Yup, they seem to hold their value well, even though it seems that
there are so many much more powerful thingies available nowadays.
However, afaik, the Repeater is the only (hw) looper which allows
integrated time-stretch AND pitch-shift AND varispeed. OS2 also gives
you the possibility to treat the four tracks rather individually with
regard to transport functions.
Some of the Repeaters had issues with noisebleed right from the
factory, why others didn't - just mentioning this.
I really recommend the Repeater. Used it a lot on my older albums,
especially "Neinnein auf dem kleinen Weg"
(http://moinlabs.de/index.php?id=271), but also on most tracks on
"kybermusik: Quelques Papiers D'Abord"

> Lexicon Vortex $200
also interesting, as this is more $ than the "last pieces blowout,
original packaging" a few years ago (I'm not hinting that your price
would not be ok, Kevin, I assume all of your prices are oriented
towards market). I believe Ted had three of those in the past. Andy
Butler runs a dedicated page for it. Great thing - it does odd things
if you want it to. And it can sound very analogue. I used it for the
snare drum delay in the soft section of my "Saustoi" track

> Electrix Filter Factory. $150
If you're looking to enhance something like a drum machine, then the
distortion on this unit is worth the price alone. Like all Electrix
things, it takes up two rack spaces (which was the main reason why I
sold mine), but as Kevin says, it's very playable. Great fun for the
whole music family!