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Re: Help needed with RC 50 connections set-up

It really depends on how many instruments you'd like to include at once and what level of control you ideally envision having.

I think that because you have are talking about several percussion pieces, using a mixer will be super beneficial. At that point, you might as well, run everything into your mixer (depending on how big it is) and plug that into your RC-50's stereo in (and then you'll get full capacity with the stereo out, too!). This will give you the greatest amount of control over your levels.

It's also super groovy that the RC50 has phantom power, individual XLR in and volume control.

I vote mixer!

Daniel Harris

On Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 12:26 PM, andrea trabucco <andrea.trabucco@hotmail.com> wrote:
Hi Guys!

New to the looping world I hope someone very kind could help me:)

I play several percussion instruments and a little vocals (one condenser mic)
Pandeiro (another condenser mic dedicated)
Guitar mainly, but maybe also bass

How to use my RC - 50 connections wise?

Mixer, no mixer? using send return or the line input? preamp for mic and straight to the mic input? Equalizers? I don't have idea how to make a good set-up for a good sound, no clips, feedback etc...

I'd like to have stereo output, due to the many musical phases for clarity, to be abe to pan pot them L and R...

Thank you so much!