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Re: Fighting the temptation to noodle

Yeah - get a second looper and a channel a/b switch, and practice
transitioning from one to another. Doing this right is still the
hardest part of my live sets - finding a way to get out of that
"infinite" DL-4 loop.

Basically I have a DL-4 going into one mixer channel, and a pair of
old 4 second loopers in sequence going into another mixer channel.
(The 4 second loopers are also great for introducing elements that
don't repeat at the same intervals as the main loop - making it sound
less 'canned'.)

This setup leads to a lot of DJ style thinking: Has this "song" been
going on too long? How do I transition it into the next "song"? Should
it be smooth and graceful, or just a sudden cut? Or should I stop
looping all together and play only "live" for a while?

Matt Davignon
Rigs! www.youtube.com/user/ribosomematt

On Sun, Oct 3, 2010 at 11:55 AM, Mark Hamburg <mark@grubmah.com> wrote:
> In endeavoring to strip my rig down, I've been playing with just the 
>looper in the Line 6 M13. This is fun, but I find myself recording a loop 
>and then just leaving it be while I play over the top. From a live 
>looping standpoint, this feels like cheating. Everything turns into one 
>long ambient guitar solo over a static loop which isn't really what I was 
>after. Yes, I could go play with half speed and reverse and sometimes I 
>do, but I still end up back at the soloing over a static loop point 
>fairly quickly. Any advice? Does feedback work well enough on the M13 to 
>make it viable for loop evolution? (I'm finding my existing expression 
>pedals don't seem to give all that precise control with Line 6 
>equipment.) Or is it time to wire the EDP back into the set up?
> Mark