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Re: EDP Stereo Looping Setup Dilemma

Therfore... for Instance. Your offset = 36. Record Function = 2. Enter 38

SO... bring in the second EDP...

Set the offset to much higher... (or lower maybe???)  I forget what it can be right now, and re calulate all your numbers...

for Instance. Your offset = 5. Record Function = 2. Enter 7

So 7 will trigger EDP 2 into record and 38 will trigger EDP 1 into record...

Need more clarification...?

So based on your example... how would I send a 7 and a 38 at the same time to start recording on both units at the same time with one pedal press on the fcb1010?

It seems like I could send a 7 OR 38 but not 7 AND 38 (because the FCB1010 only sends one note per pedal press).  Please tell me I am stupid and wrong.