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Re: advice sought: taking apart the DL4

Rainer, the m9 might be a good replacement for you. It has everything that 
the DL 4 has plus all the other modelers and a decent looper. It is what I 
am using now although my DL 4 is still working.

I will state that IMO the M9's delay's are not as "good" as the DL 4's. To 
my worn out ears anyway. I would recommend trying it first if possible. 
to say that they are bad by any means. Just not as 'real" I guess? You do 
get the great reverbs however :)

my two cents

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Subject: advice sought: taking apart the DL4

> On the current minimalist trip, I discovered that my DL4 has obviously 
> ceased to function.
> Question:
> can anyone tell me (or point me to a document that explains) how to take 
> apart the DL4 properly (dismounting PCB etc.)?
> Yours,
>          Rainer
> ps: and failing that - is there anything you'd like to recommend as a 
> replacement - thinking ahead a bit here. Requirements: should do cool 
> delays mainly (like the sweeping filter of the DL4). A nice looper would 
> also be fine. Varispeed for delays a plus but not required.
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