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Re: New looping track

fantastic kevin... I never realised you were a modular man... your synth looks great! I love balanced(ring) modulators... I have I believe nine! But the only one I will be bringing to Y2KX is not really a ring mod, but can sound like one..

Ahh now the track is really beginnning to sound like a clock shop at 12!


On Thu, Oct 7, 2010 at 9:09 PM, <kkissinger@kevinkissinger.com> wrote:

Lately I've spent more time with my solder iron than I have creating music.  I built some logic circuits to support clocked events within very long loops.

(I consider a "Very Long Loop" to be a loop that takes so long to repeat that it isn't particularly recognizable as a loop).

One of the issues with long loops is that it is humanly impossible to play highly spaced notes on any kind of beat.  Yet, I wanted to be able to start with unconnected sounds and have them slowly morph into something rhythmic over time.

I posted the mp3 download at electro-music along with a little more technical data about the recording.

If you like music that is kind of relaxing and ambient, you may like this track.


Look forward to seeing everyone at Y2KX -- since I'm traveling by air, I will not be able to bring the synthesizer that I used to make this track... such is life!

-- Kevin

mark francombe
twitter @markfrancombe