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Re: Using Vox ToneLab LE for looping (DELAY LOOPING???)

Yes, 8 seconds.

Damn, I had that David Torn VHS set, but I've searched high and low and can't find it. Probably went off in a box of donations to the library. Too bad it's not available on DVD. Anyway, cool to know that's how he did it.

Manipulating time... Hmm, I'll have to try that! Will report back on results.

Darren Nelsen

On Oct 7, 2010, at 11:00 AM, Scott Hansen <evanpeewee@gmail.com> wrote:

i just checked the manual online for the vox tonelab LE-it says that it has 8 sec of delay time, is this correct?

the ability to use the pedal to input material & then then "turn off input" and solo over is what David Torn did in his video "Painting W/ Sound" in the 2nd
tape that he demos his looping setup/methods (circa '93).

in the vox tonelab LE -can you manipulate the time (8 sec to short time to pitch it up, then back down to 8 sec for low pitches etc)?

that's sort of why i like my Digitech DL8-i use the 8 sec of digital delay w/ 100% feedback, mess w/ the time. it doesn't keep the information as clear/clean
as the Lexicon PCM42 (which DT uses), but it's ok, it has this sort of warping / glitch thing....which reminded me of when i had my boss dd20...

my old dod d12 w/ 12 sec of delay kept the info more intact (but would pitch up or down if you modulated the time, it was sort of a budget pcm42)...

i still wish Lexicon (or whoever owns them) would release a pedal version of the PCM 42 w/ the 20 sec of delay that mr. torn uses/abuses so well....
oh well...
dream on....