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Re: making money off your music

My situation is may be a little odd compared to some ..my music is my only income but it was a back up plan originally ....i worked as a maintenance man in a mortuary ...then a new cooperate bought it out....and decided to sack me and hire a part timer for 2/3rd's my pay....i always wanted to focus fully on my music any way ..guess they just gave me the extra kick ..in more ways than one.....i love playing...but it been tough...around here the going rate is $100 US for three hours playing...but with set up time i end up at the venue 5 to 6 hours..this month I'm averaging 2 gigs a week so I'm getting by barely...starting to lose a few gigs though when i call back...because another musician "friend".snagged my venues by quoting them 50 bucks for 3 hours....Bugger!

Kyle Dean Patten
P.O. Box 22
Johnston, IA  50131


It would be interesting to hear from professional musicians on this list who live in other regions
and countries.

yours, in the spirit of music and community,

Rick Walker