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R: Re: making money off your music

I Absolutely agree with you Kris as i told in my message Before, instead 
of all 
there so many people
that continue to make 'bella arte rinascimentale', 'reinassance art' and 
working hard for it, people that  concentrate to themselves 
many different skills and the live in precarius way with very few money. 
Under the ashes there are fantastic flames, maybe one day these flames 
rise up.
So i think that many of the people in this list belongs to this type.
Must i remember to myself that i live in Florence that many years ago was 
'mother of reinassance'
love to you all

>What can we do about this apparent decline in appreciation of the live 
>musical arts? And what is the root cause, if any, of this?  It seems 
>that the media and music industry is "conditioning" people to appreciate 
>immediate satisfaction, e-media, canned art.  People just want to 
>music to load on their iPODS and run off and do their own independent 
>One could argue that the predecessor to this phenomenon was the advent of 
>radio.  There was a time when to listen to music you had to go to a 
>hall, town hall, local pub, church, or make it at home with the family. 
>Then once radio came along, families could listen to  music and never 
>the house...I think it was downhill from that point onward...just my 
>pessimistic view here, but that seemed like a start of a trend, moving 
>away from community settings to more private settings, thus precluding 
>live art element.   So, the historical progression of decline would start 
>with the radio and then move to recorded media, and then finally to 
>downloadable media.   All that is left is to reproduce live concerts with 
>holographic video in the living rooms of listeners, and we are dead in 
>water.   How many people in the world "really" care and value listeing to 
>live band, not in a club for dancing or drinking purposes, but a real 
>performance where the group is the center of attention and considered an 
>artistic performance?