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Re: OT: DNA Groove Templates...?

I have tried sometime, the dna groove templates, I can say there really very groovy...cool stuff. 
If you dont' want a 100% quantization feel, and at this point, if you wanna use dna gro...it's good to take a look at the direction <> the notes are moved and the velocity painted curve asigned to each one, in order to have an idea , for example how you can recreate a kind of swing, and then bla bla you get deep with your ideas...then come back and make a one groove for yourself....

    I recommend you to try dna groo....


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Subject: OT: DNA Groove Templates...?
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I was wondering if anyone on this list has ever tried using DNA Groove Templates when quantizing midi notes. 


I do a one-man-band type of thing (i.e. guitar karaoke) and am really looking into getting a good feel for my backing drum tracks.  I often play around with MPC 3K quantization or just record the midi notes myself.  I am curious though if anyone has ever tried DNA Groove Templates as a way of giving the drum/bass tracks a more realistic feel? 

Any notes on your experiences appreciated!!

Have a good day :)