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Remixing live looping, (Iphone apps including Modular synth) MUSICCLIPS


Not much time to play BUT i got an IPhone with cool apps..
So what I did was to make a sort of glitchy drumtratrck in JR Hexaphonic
And another approach was to take a beat from the looping performance, send it to Beatmaker Pro, chop it up and pitch shift, add some drums, export the track to Cubase and use it as a backing for the orginal live looping perfomance
AND lastly use the amazing JAsuto Pro modular synt as a VST plugin and transform the guitar loop into ambient synth peice...
The clips are all on my soundclick page:
What do you think, is it better than having the track "as is" with ust delay (The plague of justinian)
I really like the fact that i can mess with music on my way to work :-)
Cheers all !!